Bible Drill

The Bible Drill ministry includes Bible learning and skill training for children.

The purpose of Bible Drill is to help increase the child’s knowledge of the Bible, develop skills in effectively handling the Bible, learn how to apply the Bible to life, and begin developing memory skills.


Bible Buddies

Ages: K-5 through 2nd Grade

Bible Buddies is a fun way for your child to learn basic Bible skills.  Students learn to locate the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the various Bible books.  They begin memorizing Bible verses and start learning the books of the Bible.  All of this is done in a fun atmosphere that includes games and songs.  Bible Buddies is a great way to prepare your child for Children’s Bible Drill.

Bible Buddies classes meet each Wednesday at 6:00 PM in room B-113 on the Gateway Kids (Preschool and Children) wing.

Children’s Bible Drill

Ages: 3rd through 5th Grades

In Children’s Bible Drill students learn to locate all the books of the Bible, learn 10 key passages, and memorize 25 Bible verses.  Classes include games and other activities to make learning the Bible fun.

Children’s Bible Drill meets each Wednesday at 6:00 PM in room B-112 on the Gateway Kids (Preschool and Children) wing.