Sunday School

At Morningside we believe the Bible to be the inspired, inerrant Word of God. Bible study is essential to a growing relationship with the Lord. We therefore place primary importance on weekly Sunday School Bible study.

Sunday School provides participants with a systematic Bible study, in which all Bible books, subjects, and doctrines are dealt with in a balanced fashion. Outreach, evangelism, missions, and ministry all take place through the Sunday School. In short, we believe everybody needs to study God’s Word in God’s house with God’s people on God’s day.

Sunday School membership is open to anyone who is willing to enroll, regardless of his or her church membership. Classes are provided for all ages, and are taught by dedicated, trained teachers. Teachers meet together weekly for prayer, planning, and lesson preparation.

Sunday School classes meet at 8:45 a.m. every Sunday morning. The morning Worship Service follows at 10:30 a.m. in the Worship Center. A visitor welcome center located adjacent to the visitor parking lot is staffed by friendly people who will gladly escort each visitor to his or her proper Sunday School class.



All classes meet in the Preschool and Children’s Wing

Babies – Room B-108 A

Creepers – Room B-108 C

Toddlers – Room B-105

Younger Preschool – Room B-107

Middle Preschool – Room B-109

Older Preschool – Room B-111

K-5 – Room B-115

1st & 2nd Grade – Room B-116

3rd Grade – Room B-112

4th & 5th Grade – Room B-114


Ladies 1981 & After – Room B-103 D

Ladies 1973-1980 – Room B-103 C

Ladies 1966-1972 – Room B-103 B

Ladies 1959-1965 – Room B-103 A

Ladies 1950-1958 – Room B-103 Assembly Area

Ladies 1946-1949 – Room C-108 & 109

Ladies 1942-1945 – Room C-106 & 107

Ladies 1936-1941 – Room C-104 & 105

Ladies 1935 & Before – Room C-102 & 103

Men 1976 & After – Room A-114 C & D

Men 1969-1975 – Room A-114 A & B

Men 1961-1968 – Choir Room

Men 1954-1960 – Room A-112 C

Men 1947-1953 – Room A-112 D

Men 1942-1946 – Room C-121 & 122

Men 1936-1941 – Room C-119 & 120

Men 1935 & Before – Room C-117 & 118

Pastor’s Class – Worship Center


Middle School Girls – Youth Building Foyer

High School Girls – Youth Building

Middle School Guys – A-112 A

High School Guys – A-112 B

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Ladies – College & Career Building

Men – College & Career Building

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Enroll in Sunday School

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