November 4, 2018 – John 8:1-59

Lesson Date: November 4, 2018

Focal Scripture Passage: John 8:1-59

AIM: To lead students to learn that Jesus is God and to contrast the children of God with the children of the devil, and to examine themselves to determine the identity of their father.


Before class: Read the notes on John 8:1-59 found in the Sunday School Teacher Book. Get enough copies of the “Study Guide on John 8” for your anticipated attendance. Have some pens or pencils on hand for any students who might need one.


INTRODUCTION (Create Learning Readiness): Remind the class that in 2002 a serial sniper terrorized the Washington D.C. area for three weeks. Ten people were killed and three others seriously wounded. At the scene of one of the shootings the sniper left a Tarot card with the words “I am God” written on it. Ask: “When this fact was reported in the news media, do you think anyone actually believed the man behind the random killings was actually God? Why or why not?”

Tell the students even though the sniper claimed to be God, there was never any speculation in the news media that a serial killer might actually be God. Ask: “Why was there no such speculation?” (because no one thinks God is a cowardly and secretive killer who shoots people without warning). No one believed the sniper was God because he didn’t fit anybody’s image of what God is really like.

Tell the class in today’s lesson we will learn that Jesus Christ clearly stated that He was God. We will also see that some people thought He was a demon-possessed liar.



  1. Review.
    • Remind the students that we are studying the Gospel of John.
    • Ask: “Why did John write this account of Jesus’ life?” (so his readers would believe that Jesus is the Son of God and have everlasting life by trusting in Him – John 20:31).
    • Ask: “What was last week’s lesson about?” (differing opinions people had about Jesus).
    • Give everyone a copy of the “Study Guide on John 8.”
  2. The Woman Caught in Adultery.
    • Ask a volunteer to read John 8:1-11.
    • Briefly lecture on those verses using the following outline:
      • The scribes and Pharisees brought to Jesus a woman caught in the act of adultery.
      • They said Moses commanded that adulterers should be put to death (see Lev. 20:10).
      • They were testing Jesus by asking what He thought should happen to the woman.
      • Jesus said whoever among them didn’t have any sin should cast the first stone at the woman. They all felt convicted of their sins and left.
      • With no man left to condemn her, Jesus told the woman He didn’t condemn her, either.
      • He told her to go and stop sinning.
    • Summarize: Jesus saw past the hypocrisy of the scribes and Pharisees. He also looked past the woman’s physical sins to her true spiritual needs.
  3. “I AM.”
    • Direct everyone’s attention back to the “Study Guide on John 8.”
    • Ask everyone to turn to Exodus 3:14 and fill in the blanks by that verse on their study guide (I AM, I AM, I AM).
    • Ask them to turn back to John 8.
    • Read John 8:12.
    • Ask everyone to fill in the blanks by that verse (light, world).
    • Read John 8:13-19.
    • Explain that the Jews said Jesus’ words were not true because He didn’t have another witness to vouch for Him. Jewish Law required two witnesses.
    • Ask: “Who did Jesus say bore witness of Him?” (God the Father).
    • Ask: “What did the Jews ask Jesus in verse 19?” (“Where is your Father?”).
    • Ask everyone to silently read John 8:20.
    • Ask: “Why couldn’t they arrest Jesus?” (because His hour had not yet come; it was not yet time for Him to be arrested and crucified).
    • Read John 8:21-29.
    • Ask the class to fill in the blanks on their study guide by verses 24 and 28 (I AM, sins, I AM).
    • Stress the fact that Jesus clearly said in verse 24 anyone who doesn’t believe in Him will die with his or her sins unforgiven and go to hell.
    • He also said in verse 28 that many people would realize He is actually God after His crucifixion and resurrection.
    • Summarize: Jesus clearly and repeatedly identified Himself as God in human flesh and the only source of forgiveness of sins.
  4. Slaves or Free?
    • Ask a volunteer to read John 8:30-32.
    • Tell the students verse 32 is a familiar promise, but it is often quoted out of its context.
    • Ask: “According to verse 31, what is necessary for knowing the truth and being free?” (being an obedient disciple of Jesus Christ: doing what Jesus tells us to do).
    • Read John 8:33-36.
    • Tell the class in verse 33 the Pharisees protested Jesus’ statement, saying they were Abraham’s children and were not slaves to anyone (they thought they didn’t need to be set free).
    • Jesus replied in verse 34 that whoever commits sin is a slave to sin (see also Rom. 6:16-23).
    • Jesus said in verse 36 if He sets a person free from sin, they are truly
    • Summarize: True freedom – freedom from sin – comes only through Jesus Christ.
  5. Who Is Your Father?
    • Tell the class the Jews’ claim to be Abraham’s children started an exchange concerning ancestry. Beginning in verse 38, Jesus said He and the Jews had different fathers.
    • Ask a volunteer to read John 8:37-47.
    • Ask: “According to these verses, what are some characteristics of children of the devil?” (they seek to kill or destroy Jesus – verses 37 & 40; spiritual deafness – verse 43; lust, murder, lies – verse 44).
    • Ask them to write these characteristics on their study guide.
    • Ask: “According to these verses, what are some characteristics of children of God?” (doing the works of Abraham, such as obedience and faith – verse 39; loving Jesus – verse 42; hearing and understanding Jesus – verses 43 & 47).
    • Ask them to write these characteristics on their study guide.
    • Read John 8:48-59.
    • Ask: “What did Jesus say in verse 51?” (“If anyone obeys me he will not see death”).
    • Tell the class the Jews didn’t like this statement, because godly Abraham and all the faithful prophets were dead. They asked if Jesus thought He was greater than Abraham.
    • Ask: “What did Jesus say to them in verses 55-56?” (“I know Abraham and he rejoiced to see the time of my coming to earth”).
    • This statement made the Jews very angry.
    • Ask the students to look back at verse 58 and fill in the blanks by that verse on their study guide (Abraham, I AM).
    • Stress the fact that Jesus clearly said He existed before Abraham and He is absolutely equal with Almighty God.
    • Ask: “What did the Jews try to do?” (stone Jesus to death).
    • Summarize: Jesus told the angry Jews they were children of the devil, while clearly identifying Himself as the Son of God.


PERSONAL APPLICATION: Ask the students to look at their completed study guides. Review the four different times Jesus used the phrase “I AM” to identify Himself. By identifying Himself this way, Jesus clearly claimed to be God. He said anyone who doesn’t believe in Him will go to hell and He said He existed before Abraham (who lived 2,000 years earlier).

Ask a volunteer to read the characteristics of children of God they have written on their study guide. Ask another volunteer to read the characteristics of children of the devil they have written on their study guide.

Ask the students to compare their lives to the two lists of characteristics, and then ask the question printed at the bottom of the sheet (“Does my life look more like a child of God or a child of the devil?”). Say: “The only way to have God for your Father and do the things that please God is to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.” Briefly explain the plan of salvation. Encourage any who are not saved to confess their sins and trust Jesus as you pray. Voice a closing prayer.


CONCLUSION: Ask everyone to memorize John 8:58. Suggest that the students keep their completed study guide in their Bible and evaluate their behavior every day this week. Tell them next week we will study John 9. Encourage them to invite an unsaved friend to come with them.

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