April 29, 2018 – 1 Peter 5:1-14

Lesson Date: April 29, 2018

Focal Scripture Passage: 1 Peter 5:1-14

AIM: To lead students to discover scriptural instructions for elders and for other believers and the rewards for following those instructions, and to discuss ways to practically apply those instructions to their daily lives.


Before class: Read the notes on 1 Peter 5:1-14 found in the Sunday School Teacher Book. Write or print some of the following instructions on sheets of paper or poster board: “Clean Your Room,” “Mow the Grass,” “Pick up Your Dirty Clothes,” “Be Careful,” “Read the Bible,” “Be Courteous to Customers,” “Speed Limit 35,” “No Parking,” etc. Post these instructions around the room. Gather some printed instructions to bring to class as visual aids. Examples could include a recipe card, instructions for setting up or operating a cell phone, an automobile owner’s manual, instructions for writing a term paper, an instruction booklet for an appliance, written instructions for doing your secular job, or a prescription bottle with dosing instructions. Get enough copies of the study guide titled “Instructions and Rewards” for your anticipated attendance. Have some pens or pencils on hand for any students who might need one.


INTRODUCTION (Create Learning Readiness): Direct the students’ attention to the instructions posted on the classroom walls. Read each one and ask the class (a) what rewards come from following that instruction, and (b) what problems might arise if that instruction is ignored.

Show the class the printed instructions you have brought. After showing each one, ask (a) what rewards come from following that instruction, and (b) what problems might arise if that instruction is ignored.

Tell the class instructions are an important part of our lives. Following instructions usually yields good results and rewards, while ignoring instructions usually leads to problems. Read the lesson aim to the class. Tell the students in today’s lesson we will discover some important instructions. Following those instructions will bring rewards, but ignoring them will cause us much trouble.



  1. Review.
    • Remind the class that we are studying the New Testament book of 1 Peter, written by the Apostle Peter to Christians who were suffering under Roman persecution.
    • Ask: “What was last week’s lesson about?” (service and suffering).
    • Ask if any volunteer would be willing to recite last week’s memory verse (1 Pet. 5:7).
    • Tell the class that today’s lesson is the last one from 1 Peter.
    • Give everyone a copy of the study guide titled “Instructions and Rewards.”
  2. Instructions and Rewards for Elders.
    • Tell the class that 1 Peter 5 contains instructions for two different groups of people.
    • Ask a volunteer to read 1 Peter 5:1.
    • Ask: “Who is this verse directed toward?” (“The elders”).
    • Explain the following to the students:
      • The word elders refers to those holding the office of elder or pastor. These instructions, then, are for church leaders.
      • Peter referred to himself as an elder.
      • Peter said he was an eyewitness of the sufferings of Jesus Christ.
      • Peter also looked forward to being a partaker in Christ’s future glory. He had already glimpsed this glory in the transfiguration and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
    • Read 1 Peter 5:2-4.
    • Ask everyone to look at their study guide and find the proper words to fill in the blanks for verse 2 (see answers below).
    • Do the same for verse 3.
    • Tell the class that just as following instructions usually yields good results, God promised to reward those elders who follow these instructions.
    • Ask the students to fill in the blanks for verse 4.
    • Below are the answers for verses 2-4:

Verse 2:

Feed (shepherd) the flock

Oversee the church

Serve not by constraint but willingly

Don’t serve for dishonest gain, but serve eagerly

Verse 3:

Don’t act like lords over the church, but be examples to the flock

Verse 4:

The Reward for this service is a crown of glory

Summarize: God gave some specific instructions to elders and other church leaders, and promised a reward to those who follow His instructions.

  1. Instructions and Rewards for Other Believers.
    • Tell the class that verses 5-10 contain instructions for the “younger.”
    • Explain that these instructions apply to everyone who is not an elder. Therefore, they apply to all other believers, including us.
    • Ask a volunteer to read 1 Peter 5:5-10.
    • Ask everyone to look at their study guide and find the proper words to fill in the blanks for verse 5 (see answers below).
    • Do the same for verses 6-9.
    • Tell the class that God promised rewards if we obey these instructions.
    • Ask them to look in verses 5b, 6b, and 10 for those rewards and to write them on their study guide.
    • Below are the answers for verses 5-10:

Verse 5:

Submit yourself to the elders

Be subject to one another

Be clothed with humility

Verse 6:

Humble yourself under God’s hand

Verse 7:

Cast all your care (worries) upon God

Verse 8:

Be sober (serious)

Be vigilant (alert)

Verse 9:

Resist the devil steadfastly

Know that other Christians face the same troubles

Rewards for this behavior:

Verse 5b: God will give us grace

Verse 6b: God will exalt us in his time

Verse 10:

God will perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you

Summarize: God gave specific instructions to all believers and promised rewards to those who follow His instructions.

  1. Closing Words.
    • Tell the class that the remaining verses are Peter’s closing greetings and final words.
    • Read 1 Peter 5:11-14.
    • In addition to being final greetings, these verses tell us other rewards that believers have include the scriptures (such as this passage) and friends who will love and encourage us.
    • These are true blessings!


PERSONAL APPLICATION: Direct everyone’s attention back to their study guide and tell them they have created a good list of instructions and promised rewards for believers. While there may not be an elder or church leader in your class, stress the fact that the instructions and rewards found in verses 5-10 apply to all of us.

Read the lesson aim to the class. Tell them now it is time to discuss ways to practically apply these instructions to our daily lives. Review the instructions written on the study guide and talk about ways to literally apply each one of them today.

Stress the importance of vigilance in facing the devil. Many Christians think the devil is only interested in troubling the pastor, so they find it hard to believe he and his demons would waste time with them. The fact is that the devil and his demons hate all humans. They want to kill lost people and trouble all Christians. We are in a genuine – though invisible – war. Stress the practical aspects of fighting this war. Especially stress the fact that this war never ceases or pauses. The Bible says to resist the devil steadfastly and remember that other believers are facing the same struggles. We need to encourage one another.

Be available to answer questions. Be prepared to meet with students outside of class time to help them practically apply the scripture. Encourage them to get Brother Wayne’s spiritual warfare sermons and listen to them. Lead a closing prayer of submission to God and commitment to resist the devil.


CONCLUSION: Ask everyone to memorize 1 Peter 5:8-9. Urge them to pray for and submit to our church leaders and watch out for the devil’s tricks and attacks.

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